Below you will find the answers to some common questions about the escorts on Lost Dubai.

  • How do I book an escort?
    To book one of the escorts on this website, you will need to call them on the number displayed on their individual profile page. They are of course all fully independent escorts and this means you talk directly to them. We are in no way an escort agency, so you must call the girls directly on their own private telephone numbers.
  • Do the escorts on here provide incalls?
    Yes most of the escorts listed on here do provide incalls, the locations of which vary as they all work as independents and make their own arrangements to provide incalls. If you look at the girls individual profiles, you will see exactly which of them provide incalls and which do not – as well as the location of their incall facility. Unlike when you book an incall from an escort agency, these independent escorts do not work in a brothel or from a fixed premises. They work from their own chosen place of work and do not put you in a position where you may get caught up in an illegal activity.
  • How much notice do I need to give for a booking?
    For each of the girls this may vary and if you click the link on their profiles that links to their individual websites, you will find on here that the girls provide an indication of when they are available for work and how much notice is required. As always the further you want to see the escort from her base location, the more notice you will need to give her, to allow for travelling time. Our advice to you is that you book as far in advance as possible to ensure the escort you want to see is available. Some of the girls can offer short notice appointments, just phone them and ask!
  • Who will I be speaking to when I call?
    When you call the number on the girls profile, you will be speaking to that very girl! These are not escort agency girls, so you call them directly and you will only ever speak directly to them at all time.
  • What are the advantages of booking an independent escort?
    There are so many advantages to booking an independent escort as opposed to ones that work for escort agencies! One of the most remarkable differences is that you get to talk directly to the girl prior to even having to decide if you want to book her or not! This gives you a massive advantage, as you can talk to her about the finer parts of the service you require from her and such like. Also these girls are not being controlled by any one, so they genuinely want to see you as opposed to just being sent to see you. This of course will result in a far superior experience all round. To be a successful independent escort, you have to be organised and very professional – once more this means the level of escort your booking is far superior. Not to mention the fact that booking independent escorts is 100% legal in every way, so you have no concerns about the law – where as escort agencies are all illegal and your concerning you self with being a part of an illegal business that means your running a risk of getting caught up in any legal proceeding brought against that escort agency. Independent escorts also offer far superior value for money in general as well, as they are not having to pay half their earnings out to an escort agency! Its the girls that do the job after all, so support them and you will see a massive difference in the level of service and your satisfaction levels.
  • What should I do if I cant make the appointment and need to cancel?
    If you book one of the independents and can not make the appointment, its a good idea that you let them know – as the girls listed on here know each other in general and share the numbers of clients that have wasted their time and such like. So to avoid being branded an idiot or a time waster, just cancel the booking you have made with them, instead of just not turning up.
  • Is booking an independent escort legal?
    Booking independent escorts is the ONLY fully legal way to book an escort, it is as simple as that! Escort agencies are illegal and your are always running a risk if you use them of getting caught up in any investigation or criminal prosecution brought against them.
  • How can I leave feed back one of the escorts that I have seen?
    On the bottom of each of the individual escorts profile pages on our website, there is a button ‘Add Review’ – click on this button and you will be able to leave feed back for that particular escort. When leaving feed back for one of the independents, you don’t need to append your real name to it, you can use an Alias name to appear next to your feed back on their page of this website. The feedback will also be copied over to their own individual website and vice versa.
  • I have a compliant about one of the escorts that I have seen, what should I do?
    As we are not an escort agency, we can not intervene in complaints. However we are only prepared to list girls that are genuine, reputable and honest – so if you have a complaint, please do use the ‘contact us’ form on this website to send us an email about the situation. If we feel an escort is not fitting in to the high standards needed to be an independent escort under our marketing, then we will cease to market them.
  • Most of the independent escorts on here are cheaper than escort agencies, why?
    Well its very simple, these girls do not have any one leaching off them and taking half of what they earn from them! So they can offer you superior value for money than any escort agency. What this results in is you getting the highest class escorts for a very competitive price! As they simply pass the savings they are making on to you. Independent escorts support their clients fully, so be sure to re-pay the favour and support them and the fully legal side of the escort industry!
  • Do you market just any escort that comes to you?
    NO! Most certainly not, all of the escorts that approach us to market them, must be of the highest of standards in all ways or we refuse to market them. Especially given the fact that we do not charge the girls any upfront fees at all, so we must be sure that they are going to make the grade as a high class independent escort! Although all the girls are fully independent escorts, we do have a reputation to upkeep as a company and in order for us to do this and attract the correct type of future clientele, its imperative that we keep the standards very high indeed.
  • I have tried calling an escort on here a few time now and I can never get her – is she still working?
    YES! All of the escorts featured on here are guaranteed to be actively working, if they cease to be so – we take them off instantly. This ensures that our promise of 100% genuine and active local girls is met at ll times. If you can not get hold of her, it may just be the case that she is on holiday, ill or not working for a short time for what ever reason. So just try again in a few days.
  • Are the photographs and such like on your website genuine?
    Yes! We give our promise that all the escorts photographs are 100% genuine, we would never mis-lead you in any way! Its important to us that our rapidly growing reputation for 100% genuine escorts in every way is met and this of course includes using only genuine and recent photographs! If a girl changes her hair colour and we are aware of it, then we insist that the photographs are updated within a few days for example. The only alterations every made to the photographs is the removal of any tattoos, this is to ensure the privacy of the escort in question is reserved at all times. But her profile will state she has them!
  • I want to book more than one escort, can I book two from this site at the same time?
    Most of the escorts on here know other independent escorts and would happily advise you on this, once again its just a case of calling them direct and asking them. Or you can simply book two separate escorts at the same time and advise/ask them if they are happy to undertake such an appointment.
  • What is the difference between an incall and outcall?
    An incall is where you travel to see the escort at her premises and an outcall is where she travels to your home or hotel for example.
  • Can I make a request as what the escorts wear?
    One of the best things about booking these escorts direct is that you can discuss any thing about your time together with them on the phone! This will of course include making things like clothing requests and such like.
  • Will the escorts see disabled clients?
    Yes in general they will, but as you get to talk directly to them when you call them – you can ask them your self to ensure!
  • I have never seen an escort before what should I expect?
    You can expect the escorts on here to put you at ease and show you a very good time indeed! Call them and chat to them first, if you click with her – then you can arrange to see her! All of the girls are very professional indeed and are well experienced in general at dealing with nervous clients.
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